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Unlеash Rеal Traffic for Your Startup Using These Ninja Tactics

ninja marketer master

Wеlcomе to thе dojo of startup traffic gеnеration, whеrе thе stеalthy art of attracting visitors is as prеcisе as a ninja’s strikе. As a nеw businеss, you may fееl likе a rookiе ninja stеpping onto thе battlеfiеld, facing sеasonеd warriors. Fеar not, as wе shall еquip you with thе sеcrеts of rеal traffic gеnеration to […]

SEO Case study – the impact of renewing content.

Content SEO case study

How improving content on existing pages can greatly improve traffic on a business’s website and bring much more work. Everyone knows that content is the most important thing in SEO. But even when we already have some good content from niches that brings a lot of traffic – over time the traffic fades. In such […]

Google’s Bard VS. ChatGPT


Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT but is seemingly lagging behind. Earlier this week, Google started giving access to experimenters (from waitlist) and there’s great curiosity about the capabilities of the system and where will this whole AI ecosystem take us. In this post we’ll review the system from the inside and check the differences […]

ChatGPT Uses for Marketing


There’s almost no need to introduce ChatGPT – the AI platform that has taken our lives by storm. The capabilities of the system allow us to save a lot of time in ant work that previously used to take a lot of time and money. Fortunately, there is already a lot of information and ideas […]

Marketing Tricks To Avoid


Careful, companies and big brands are having you for breakfast 🙂 Companies and brands today use quite a sophisticated marketing. So sophisticated that it makes you buy things, and you’re  absolutely sure you made an excellent deal, but in reality it is no more than a clever manipulation done to you. In this post I […]

How to conduct a location based keywords researche?

local keywords research

Note before starting: This post is intended to give value to local businesses. A business that is online and does not depend on location will not get value from this article. Such a business might learn something new and cool though, so stay tuned  Good keyword research is a key factor for both SEO and […]

SEO for startups – How to do it the right way


Why is SEO Essеntial for Startups? SEO еmpowеrs startups with valuablе, cost-еffеctivе traffic and еffortlеssly fostеrs customеr trust. Although startups oftеn prioritizе immеdiatе outcomеs achiеvablе through PPC campaigns, thеy tеnd to nеglеct SEO during thеir critical initial stagеs. Yеt, startups that еmbracе SEO еarly on, witnеss a consistеnt influx of rеlеvant lеads within a fеw […]

How to crack the marketing secrets of your business?

סודות השיווק

A business cannot grow without marketing. Almost every business today does marketing in one way or another. Sometimes the marketing is passive (for example – word of mouth) and maybe the business owner can’t feel it but he has marketing (to some extent).It’s true that businesses at the beginning of their journey “struggle” with marketing […]