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Greetings, at Magal Global, we thrive on sculpting marketing teams that redefine success.

At Magal Global, building marketing teams isn’t just a service; it’s an art, and as the owner I’ve perfected it over a decade, creating dynamic teams for international giants. Here are the insights gained from a decade of crafting success stories:

  1. Start with the End in Mind: The journey to a stellar marketing team begins with the destination. Setting goals first is not just a step; it’s the cornerstone. I guide you through a strategic process where we define the finish line before even taking the first step. Clarity of purpose sets the tone for every subsequent move.
  2. Talent Acquisition Mastery: Finding the right people isn’t a gamble; it’s a skill. Through years of experience, I’ve honed the ability to spot potential and nurture talent. We don’t just hire; we curate a team that embodies your brand ethos. Let’s transform your recruitment process into a strategic advantage.
  3. Order and Methodology: Chaos is the enemy, especially in the infancy of a marketing team. My approach involves creating a solid knowledge base folder—a repository of goals, procedures, position descriptions, budget breakdowns, plans, and reports. Order and methodology become the guiding principles, ensuring a seamless journey from inception to execution.
  4. A Symphony of Success: As part of this exclusive service, I immerse myself in your company. I engineer the structure, set visionary goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), craft budgets, conduct interviews, oversee hiring, and provide extensive training. The crescendo? Ensuring the entire orchestra plays in harmony, creating a symphony of success for your marketing department.
  5. Diverse Departments, One Maestro: Over the years, I’ve orchestrated the creation of various departments, including PPC, SEO, social marketing, Marcom, email marketing, automation, growth hacking, PR, and content. Each department is a testament to strategic planning and meticulous execution.
  6. Timeline of Triumph: The burning question: How long does it take to build a proper marketing team? The answer is as unique as your company. The timeline spans 4 to 18 months, tailored to your size, current marketing stage, and budget. Whether it’s a small team or an elaborate corporate structure, the destination remains the same—success.
  7. Embark on a Marketing Odyssey: If your company is poised for a new marketing chapter, I’m here to script it. A quick call can determine the financial feasibility, and I’ll be transparent about whether this journey is right for you. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Ready to Build? Let’s Talk:

Do you sense the need to forge a marketing team or department, be it SEO, PPC, or growth hacking?
Let’s do it the right way. Book a free consultation meeting or drop your details, and let’s commence the journey towards a strategically sound and creatively vibrant marketing future. It’s time to turn aspirations into achievements.