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Hi, Ran Magal here.
Building marketing teams or departments is one of my main specialties and an exclusive service I offer for medium
and big companies.

I’ve been building successful marketing teams and departments for international companies for the past ten years, and there are three essential things that I’ve learned:

  1. It’s important to start from the end and set goals first.
  2. Finding the right people is a skill and can be improved – we can become better at finding
  3. Order and methodology are crucial, especially in the early stages. Build a solid
    knowledge base folder with all the goals, procedures, each position’s description, budget,
    plans, and reports.

This is what I do as part of this service: I join your company for a while, develop the department’s structure, set goals
and KPIs, build a budget, interview, hire, train the teams and the head of the department, and last
but not least – make sure this entire orchestra actually plays in harmony.

The result is a working department with clear plans, goals, and KPIs – all within the company’s
strategy and budget.

Departments I’ve built so far: PPC, SEO, social marketing, Marcom, email marketing;
automation, growth hacking, PR and content.

How Long Does it take to Build a Proper Marketing Team?

Of course, the answer varies according to the company’s size, current marketing stage, departments, budget, etc.
However – the range is 4 – 18 months, where four months is for a small department (A team of 1-2 people
to begin with) and 18 months is for several departments for a medium or a big corporation.

If you feel it’s time for your company to start a new marketing channel, then I might be able to do that for you.
I will be able to tell you after a quick phone call if this decision is financially appropriate for you
or whether you should look for another solution.

Do you feel it’s time to build a marketing team / department? (such as SEO, PPC, or growth hacking).
Let’s do it the right way, Book a free consultation meeting or leave your details and let’s talk.