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Every year your company plans the strategy for the coming business year. 

How long does it take for your company to generate a complete yearly strategy?

The marketing strategy is a crucial part in the company’s strategy and usually takes 6-9 weeks of hard work in big companies.

I’ve found out that many companies need help in building it the right way while maximizing goals and setting clear KPIs.

What I do as part of this service is spending time with you in order to understand how the company works, then applying my experience working with big companies – in order to help you formulate a strategy that will take the marketing department to its best year so far.

I’ve been building successful marketing strategies for international companies for the past 10 years and from what i’ve learned, here are the most important points I use in building a good marketing strategy:

If after reading this, you feel you can use a push to take your next yearly marketing strategy to a new level, let’s talk.