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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels and one of the best ways to build your audience while building a solid brand and driving sales.

The conversion rate in email marketing ranks among the best in marketing channels since it drives customers to trust and support the business.

When I say “One of the most effective ways” and “One of the highest in ROI,”
I’m talking about an average of $30 for each dollar spent,
which is exactly why building a successful email marketing campaign is more important than ever.

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This channel works mainly on retention, meaning customers who have already met your business.

Using email marketing for clients who never met your business is the same as spamming 🙂 

We use email marketing primarily for existing customers to attract them, engage with them, give them
added value, tell them about what we do, and offer them benefits for being in our network.

The big idea in email marketing is that it’s just like an old fashioned customers club –
you give your customers a feeling that they are a part of your company, are being updated first about
company activity, can help make some decisions, etc.

This results in them liking your brand and identifying with it, which makes them steady

Here at Magal Global, we have plenty of experience working with big enterprises with extensive
email databases.

Our methodology consists of:

  1. Building your list of subscribers properly and dividing it into groups.
  2. Setting up an email service provider for your email marketing activity.
  3. Setting strategy and defining clear goals.
  4. Keeping your audience engaged and driving sales.
  5. Keeping your account safe and clean – there are many rules and regulations to avoid spamming and ensure emails don’t end up in the spam box or, worse, being reported as spam.

We keep you safe.

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