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Online reputation management (ORM) is one of our most inquired services and one of the most
popular ones, especially among enterprise-level companies.

What is ORM and how does it affect your SEO?

Having a brand name is good for marketing, right?
Yes, because now people know your business and search for your brand name when they want
related products.

On the other hand, it’s enough to have one unsatisfied customer
who didn’t get what he wanted and starts spreading negative reviews about your brand.
That customer might create negative reviews on major review sites, write harmful content on talkbacks, create negative video reviews on YouTube, etc.

Next thing you know, you search for your brand name on Google and see that most of the first page results are negative.

This means that people see negative things about your brand when searching for it.
The result might be destructive – decreasing leads and sales and losing existing customers.
And the worst thing? Your reputation is at stake.

ORM is getting rid of all those negative results and rebuilding trust around your brand

How is ORM done?

Online reputation management is done by working on several fronts:

  1. Creating assets under your brand name: social media pages, websites for your business’s
    niches, profiles on prominent websites such as Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Promoting all those assets for different sets of keywords related to the brand name: For
    the social – creating content for all the pages and building communities. For the websites
    – creating compelling content that provides value and using SEO to promote them. For
    profiles on big websites, providing value according to the websites.
  3. Use press releases, blogging, and videos to actively respond to the accusations your
    business is supposedly accused of.
  4. Attempting to legally remove negative results by outreaching for the people who are spreading negative stuff or the website owners. This is possible due to our in-depth experience with such cases and the lawyers we work with.

How long does it take until all the negative results disappear entirely?

ORM is a relatively lengthy process and the exact answer changes depending on the severity:

  • How many negative results are there? (harder the more negative results there are)
  • Where do they appear? (harder, the stronger the website which published the negative
    result – it’s much harder to remove a negative result from the New York Times than from
  • Are the accusations true? (harder if the answer is yes)

Giving all those answers might take anywhere from 3 months to 18 months and even more.
It all depends on the severity.

How much does an ORM project cost?

ORM is an expensive project.
Why? Because you need to build and promote many websites and do a lot of activities consistently.
If most customers have one website to promote, think we’re building and promoting 15-50
websites and assets here.
It’s a large-scale project, but the results are priceless for some businesses.
So, the average costs can move anywhere from 3K-30K dollars per month (and can grow bigger
for big enterprises).

How can I be sure that ORM is the right service for me?

Easily – simply book a free consultation meeting, and during that (and after careful analysis),
we’ll explain your options and work something out together.