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Online Reputation management – Looking for an ORM agency?

Online reputation management (ORM agency) is one of our most inquired services and one of the most
popular ones, especially among enterprise-level companies.

Our Reputation Management (ORM) Services

Welcome to Magal Global’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) services – your shield against the perils of negative online presence. 

In today’s digital age, your reputation is everything, and ORM is one of our most sought-after solutions, particularly favored by esteemed enterprise-level companies.

What is ORM and How Does It Impact Your Online Visibility?

A strong brand name is a cornerstone of successful marketing. It instills trust and prompts potential customers to search for your brand when seeking related products or services.

However, all it takes is one unsatisfied customer to unleash a torrent of negativity. Negative reviews, harmful content, and disparaging videos can tarnish your brand’s image on major review sites, talkbacks, and YouTube.

Negative Results on Google?

Picture this: you search for your brand on Google, and to your dismay, most of the first-page results are negative.

It’s a devastating blow to your reputation, leading to decreased leads, sales, and the risk of losing loyal customers.
The worst part? Your reputation hangs in the balance.

The good news is that you can change this situation. How? By letting us manage your ORM

ORM services

The steps we take to build your reputation management

ORM project steps at magal global

ORM is the art of banishing these negative results and reconstructing trust around your brand name. We accomplish this through a multi-faceted approach:

  1. Creating Positive Assets: We establish a strong online presence for your brand by creating social media pages, niche-specific websites, and profiles on influential platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest.

  2. Keyword Promotion: We promote these assets for various sets of keywords related to your brand. For social media, we craft engaging content and foster vibrant communities. For websites, we develop compelling, value-driven content and employ SEO strategies for promotion. For profiles on prominent websites, we provide valuable contributions according to their guidelines.

  3. Active Response: We employ press releases, blogging, and videos to actively counter accusations that your business may face.

  4. Legal Measures: In cases of severe allegations, we may reach out to those spreading negative content or the website owners with our comprehensive experience and legal support.

How Long Does It Take?

No ORM agency could give you a time frame.
The duration of ORM varies depending on factors such as the number of negative results, the source of these results, and their validity. It could take anywhere from 3 to 18 months or more, depending on the severity.

What’s the Cost of ORM?

ORM is an investment, and the cost is determined by the scale of the project.
As your ORM agency – We’re not just promoting one website; we’re managing 15-50 websites and assets.
It’s a comprehensive undertaking, but the benefits are immeasurable. 

Costs typically range from 3,000 to 30,000 dollars per month, with potential increases for large enterprises.

Is ORM Right for You?

Discover if ORM is the right fit for your brand by scheduling a free consultation. Through a careful analysis, we will guide you through your options and work together to safeguard your online reputation.

Ready to take control of your online reputation? Contact us today for a consultation!