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How To Remove Negative Results From Google’s SERP

Negative results on Google after your name or your brand name are not uncommon these days.
It’s enough to have one dissatisfied customer who did not get what he wanted and starts spreading negative words about your brand.
Such a client may create negative reviews on major review sites, write negative content about you in talkbacks, create negative video reviews on YouTube, etc.

Then, one day you search for your name or brand name on Google and see that most of the first results page is full of negative results, such as negative reviews, extreme experience description, etc.
The meaning – people now see negative things about you or your brand when they search for it.
The result could be devastating – a decrease in leads and sales and loss of existing customers.
And the worst thing? Your reputation is at stake.

ORM is a service where you get rid of all these negative results and rebuild the trust around your brand name.
So how do you do it? Here are some tips that you can do yourself in the meantime and they will greatly improve the situation.

1. Attempt to remove the negative results.

Let’s start with the most common solution. If there is a negative article about you somewhere, the best thing to do is to contact the publishers of the article and ask them to remove it.
The best is with a letter from a lawyer (works mainly if the article accuses you without a trial or without proof).
Don’t despair, try to contact them a few times and try to get them to like you. If you succeed, that solves the problem.

If it doesn’t work – we will have to push the negative results to the second page of Google.
For this, we need to improve our internet presence. Here are some ideas.

2. Create social profiles.

If you already have a Facebook profile, you could always open a business page on your name or the brand’s.
Organize the page or profile nicely and add 4-5 new posts every day for a week.
Do the same on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. These networks profiles and business pages tend to pop up on Google when searching for names.

3. Open profiles on bookmarking sites.

Profiles and posts on sites such as Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr – stand out on name searches in search engines.
Open a profiles in such websites and write a few posts that include the problematic name. Add posts for several days.

4. Open profiles and write some posts on prominent forums and article sites.

Posts and profiles on such websites still rank well on search engines even today. Open a profile about the problematic name in several of these and provide value by answering questions or writing an article.
Examples: Quara, Reddit, Medium, Ezine articles etc.

5. Build 3-4 websites with the problematic name.

This can be done even through fiverr.
The goal is to buy several domains that include the problematic name in different variations.
Build several WordPress sites on those domains, with each site having at least 10 active pages with the problematic name as a main subject in several variations.

A little SEO can do wonders for these sites. Promote them on Google for the problematic name so that they get some results on the first page and overtake other negative results.

6. Connect the assets you have built

Put links between the properties you’ve built.
For example, put up a post on Pinterest that links to a Facebook page, respond to a question on Reddit and add a link to one of the sites you’ve built, on the sites you’ve built put links to your posts on Medium and so on.



If you invest enough of your time in these tips, you’ll be able to suppress or remove at least some of the negative results. Continue to create properties and nurture the existing ones and see how they take positions on the first page instead of the negative results.

If the situation is too difficult, you can always contact us, we have rich experience with removing and suppressing negative results in search engines and we will be happy to help.