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Why did I decide to become a global SEO company?

SEO is how I got into marketing in the first place and my first “Digital Crash”.
I started back in 2005 when SEO was still relatively easy to do.
Today it’s hard, and if you’re in a competitive niche – it’s even more challenging.

After doing international SEO for some of the biggest companies in highly competitive niches and in many languages,
I can say that in order for it to work, you need to excel at everything:

  • The website must be super-fast and well-designed.
  • Everything should be accessible.
  • Your content must be superb.
  • Being able to generate a lot of exciting content quickly is also essential.

Experience & global SEO services

Although it’s challenging, I still find SEO as one of the most fascinating marketing fields and perhaps the most lucrative one for the long term.

I’ve been doing SEO for big companies, building SEO departments, giving SEO services for startups and improving processes for many years.
Let’s keep in mind that the main goal here is usually sales or leads, so all my work was dedicated to enhancing profit and leads.

But to get there, you need to outrank your competitors.

Global SEO marketing - Taking global SEO to New Heights

We start by researching, identifying the upcoming trends and opportunities, and building a killer plan – all with you involved (to the level you wish).

Magal Global is an international marketing agency and a global SEO company.
If you believe SEO is your next growth engine – let’s talk, and after a quick analysis, we’d be able to tell you your true potential in terms of growth.

We only take projects if we see good potential, which translates to profit.
So, are you ready to join me and take your website to new heights?
Then book a free consultation meeting, and let’s talk.