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Global SEO Services by an International SEO Agency

International SEO is a flagship service at Magal Global.

Our global SEO services are tailored for 3 key customer profiles:

  1. Companies Already Selling Online: Typically, these are businesses with a multilingual website or several TLDs. They may range from startups with international sales to large organizations targeting multiple countries.
  2. Startups Selling Internationally: For startups venturing into international markets, our service provides a comprehensive solution.
  3. Businesses who are ready to expand their product or service to the international market.

Under this service umbrella, we offer flexible approaches:

Hands-On Expert Collaboration: Our experts can seamlessly integrate with your team, working closely with your company, either as an embedded resource under the CMO or by building and training an internal SEO department.

Strategic Planning: We can create a comprehensive international SEO growth plan, complete with goals and KPIs for your in-house team to execute.

For businesses aspiring to expand marketing efforts globally, the logistics of international expansion are simplified compared to the past. However, success still hinges on a robust marketing department.

In partnering with us for international SEO, you can expect:

Tailored Plans: We craft meticulous plans and guide your company through their execution, ensuring goals are met.

Hands-On Implementation: Alternatively, we can work within your company for a defined period, actively building and implementing international SEO strategies.

International SEO emerges as a powerful tool for attracting traffic from diverse countries. This involves translating websites into multiple languages, expanding site content, and implementing SEO best practices. An effective international SEO plan opens avenues for organic traffic from new regions, providing opportunities to assess conversion rates and optimize funnels and content accordingly.


Under this service umbrella, we offer flexible approaches​

Throughout my career, I’ve observed that businesses with robust SEO strategies often lead the market. If you’re considering giving your business a powerful boost, consider the gift of international SEO.
If you believe international SEO is your next growth engine (and trust me, it should be), let’s have a conversation. A quick assessment will determine the project’s viability, and I only undertake projects with substantial opportunities, with clear explanations provided if a project doesn’t align.