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International SEO is one of my toppest services and is given for 2 types of customers:

  1. Companies with a multilingual website (or several TLDs).
    • Big organizations usually target several countries.
      What i do as part of this service is:
    • Either I spend time with your company almost like an employee, under the CMO to help developing the department.
    • Or as a CMO, I build the SEO department and train the people so that your business will have a killer international SEO department and SEO that converts.
    • A 3rd option is I build a complete international SEO growth plan with goals and KPIs for your international SEO department to execute.
  2. Businesses who wish to scale their marketing to other countries and languages.
    • In terms of logistics, expanding your business to other countries is relatively simpler today compared to what it used to be.
      The only thing that will bring success is a good marketing department.
      In this service I either build a perfect plan and then escort your company to fullfill it, all while making sure the goals are reached.
      Or i join your company for a few months to build the international SEO hands on.
    • International SEO is probably the best way to start getting traffic from other countries.
    • This is done by translating the website to other languages, expanding the website and applying SEO practices. All according to a great international SEO plan:
      Organic traffic from new countries starts coming and that’s a great opportunity to see how it converts and to optimize funnels and content.

If there’s anything I’ve learned during my career is that there are CEOs/business owners who believe in SEO and some who don’t.
And almost always, the businesses with strong SEO lead the market.

So if you feel it’s time to give your business a present, give it the present of international SEO. And if you believe international SEO is your next growth engine (and believe me, it should), let’s talk,
After a quick check I’d be able to tell you whether or not that’s a lucrative project and I only take those. If I feel there’s no big opportunity here I won’t take the project and will explain exactly why.