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Grow your eCommerce traffic with SEO. eCommerce SEO is one of our main specialties here at Magal Global. Ecommerce has become one of the most popular services in the past 10 years. SEO is one of the best traffic sources when it comes to marketing since the leads are highly relevant and the cost is really small comparing to all the other marketing channels. Ecommerce SEO needs to be done right if we want to maintain our results and if we want to stand out from all other competitors:
  • Keywords and competitors research should be done the right way, taking the recent trends in consideration.
  • Conversion rate optimization must be included to encourage sales.
  • SEO for eCommerce sites should include photos and videos as well to promote on google photos and video results.
  • There must be a clear plan for the owners so they can be on top of things.

Magal Global specializes in helping online eCommerce sites to grow their traffic and sales using cutting edge ecommerce SEO solutions.

We’ve helped some of the biggest companies worldwide grow and improve their presence in the web. We’re doing so by using the most innovative technology and cutting edge plans we create especially for our customers in order to improve both rankings and conversion rate.
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