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SEO planning is a service we give to medium and large businesses.
Planning the SEO is basically creating a yearly strategy plan that covers:

  1. All the website changes and optimization
  2. the keywords to rank on
  3. All the needed content including costs and a content gantt
  4. links plan including costs
  5. SEO budget
  6. Goals and KPI’s per each employee and per each team
  7. Clear reporting protocol

Here at Magal Global we are experts with over 18 years of experience in creating such plans for medium businesses and big organizations. It’s a part of our CMO services.

Whether you can apply a plan but having trouble to plan it by yourself or you’d like to improve with your current plan,
Feel free to book a free consultation meeting and we’ll tell you exactly what kind of a plan do you need or how to improve the current SEO planning.