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SEO is probably the best investment for almost any type of business today. If you’ve done everything right and consistently, that means fresh, relevant traffic and new leads every day.

I’ve been teaching SEO since 2012. I’ve had a few successful SEO courses, but all along, people would reach me asking if I do a 1 on 1 training or at least know of such good training programs.
I came to an understanding that there are people who are suitable for 1 on 1 and not suitable for a course (not even an online course).

Some people need to feel monitored, some need the focused attention because they know they have many questions they don’t feel comfortable with, and some are just really busy and they need their training to be managed personally.

If you’re identify yourself within this group, I welcome you to book a free consultation meeting with me. In that meeting, we’ll estimate the time, the price and start building your curriculum together.

Sounds good? then book our session and let’s talk.