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Social Media Marketing​

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has a lot of power you can harness to your business benefit.
The nice thing about social media is that it fits all business regardless to the business age or the stage it’s in.

People can engage with your content: discover, learn, follow, and shop from you on the social media platforms. 
If your business don’t have presence on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter of LinkedIn, then you’re missing out for sure.

Good marketing on social media can transfer your business into a real brand and drive many leads and sales.

For us, social media is all about storytelling, presence and activity: We build communities and interact with them, creating stunning viral videos and posts, launching campaigns and managing business pages.
All this activity will greatly increase your brand awareness and create a lot of buzz around your business and will drive traffic and sales. 

Book a free consultation meeting and let’s understand your current situation and talk about your strategy.

In the meanwhile, here are some steps you can take to start your social media marketing

  • Open great business pages on all social channels you usually deal with. Invest time and effort to make the pages look good and post at least 3 informative posts about your products or services.
  • Choose 2 networks to focus on. Characterize your audience – which social channel fits them? are they young? then use TikTok, are they a company? then linkedin. Open a great business page and post at least twice a week. Again, focus on 2 channels and don’t do a mediocre job on all of them.
  • Check out competitors for content ideas – If you aren’t sure regarding the type of content you audience would interact with you can get if from competitors. Tip – you can use google translate to check competitors in other languages in order to think outside of the box of your local marketing.
  • Respond to every comment and keep providing free value. This builds trustworthiness and makes them like you and people need to like you before they buy from you.

Plus you can always set that free consultation meeting and ask us how you’re doing 🙂 we’ll make sure to let you see the big picture.