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Cracking the business secrets

Any business can become a brand. The only challenge is understanding its audience and and perceived value.
With over 18 years of experience working with leading international enterprises, startups, and local businesses, I now welcome you to let us take care of your marketing needs and visual presence.
  1. First step will be to learn about you, hear about your ideas, analyze your business, pinpoint your main attractions, and find your audience – first step of cracking your business.
  2. Next, we will create a strategic plan that focuses on increasing your sales or leads by improving your brand, storytelling, and marketing.
  3. Finally – we’ll scale your business to additional audiences. Whether it’s in the same country or we can scale to other languages and countries all over the world.

OK, first thing’s first, let’s meet and get to understand your business and goals.
Our goal here is to think together how can it really stand out.

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Welcome to Magal Global​
We're all about creating demand.
My name is Ran.

My experience in digital marketing and advertising has taught me that one of the main things to focus on marketing businesses, is developing a “brand language” that would target the right audience.

Brand language can be expressed in many ways: content marketing, social networks,
commercials, etc.
After creating a brand language. 

We use these channels to increase demand and generate more leads and sales, backed by a perfect sales funnels.

Our process in doing so has proven itself as a top-notch demand generator.

Ran Magal

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Your Growth Is Our Mission​

I help businesses to grow. That’s what I do. 

Growth is the only way to succeed – if
you don’t grow, you shrink due to the market dynamics; therefore, being constantly on the move
is essential.
Once we start working on your business, improvement comes almost immediately. 

Our out-of-the-box targeting strategies, appealing content improvement, smart bidding,
campaign building, newsfeed optimization, organic strategy, and more, give your brand an edge in leading business platforms.

Our Top Services


Join dozens of businesses worldwide to increase sales and leads with the best possible ROI. Grow your business by translating your content to other languages. Let us create or manage your content.

CMO services

Let us improve your CMO role. We'll reset & restructure goals and KPIs. We can also take over your empty CMO position to turn your marketing department into a well-oiled machine that drives sales.

PPC & Paid acquisition

We're very good at driving relevant, paid traffic from search engines, social channels, and partnerships. Quick results in sales and leads. Let us show you how it's possible.

PR services

If you’ve just recently started building your brand name or if you aren’t happy with your current brand status, then let us help you.

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