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CMO Program

The CMO’s role is usually one of the most challenging roles in companies today. In this plan, I support your CMO as he or she navigates the complexities of the role. I help to build a focused plan, one that anticipates upcoming market trends and responds to challenges in a big or A developing organization. I also help building the departments, helping to recruit and train the marketing team, improving the brand and setting a retention department (Improving it incase it exists already). Now it’s time to hear how can we help your business. Book a free consultation meeting and let’s talk

VP Marketing

The CMO (or VP marketing – essentially the same) holds one of the key roles in business today. A good CMO will improve marketing and will drive growth and create value for the organization.

As part of this service, I either replace a missing CMO develop your marketing department for you or help your CMO develop and upgrade their capabilities, helping them reach new heights.

I’ve been working with some of the biggest and most competitive companies throughout the years and I was fortunate enough to build  winning marketing  departments which are still operational today.
I now offer the same value as a service.

Trends & Market Changes

Through research and insights that identify upcoming trends and market changes,
and with a powerful arsenal of marketing service offerings – I know how to take that position and act as the current CMO or help the current CMOs reach new heights.

CMO services that are done the right way will give your marketing a big push forward.
Here are the CMO services I’d like to help you with:

Building/managing / improving marketing departments

Management and planning


  • Competitive analysis
  • Personalization and targeting
  • Identifying insights
  • Campaign/media analysis and optimization
  • Tracking, Analytics, dashboards, and reporting
  • Branding and rebranding