B2C are businesses that their product or service is offered to the end customers (people like you and me).
Example for such businesses – Nike, Mcdonalds etc.

The difference between b2c and b2b is the scale: there are many more people than companies and therefore most of the businesses are B2C but the B2B companies usually work at bigger scales or much more expensive products which are harder to sell but also more profitable.

PPC advertising for B2C is something most businesses look for, especially if they are new to the market. Why? because the results are almost immediate,
and yes – it’s something we do very well here at Magal Global.
We’ve brought dozens of businesses to success in every possible scale – from large organizations to local businesses.

If you have a product or a service dedicated to other people we definitely recommend PPC advertising for B2C using our services.
Once we start doing our magic you can expect getting leads or sales very rapidly.

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