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Conducting an SEO audit is commonly done using SEO tools like MOZ, ahrefs, or SEMrush, among others. While these tools offer a technical report highlighting various issues on your website, they fall short in capturing what the human eye can discern.

None of these tools can evaluate the overall design’s ability to deliver a positive and relevant user experience, assess the effectiveness of your UX and UI planning, or gauge the quality of your conversion elements. Moreover, none of these tools delve into analyzing grammar, spelling errors, or even the presence of essential elements like author references.

At Magal Global, we recognize the importance of conveying the big picture and injecting a “human element” into our audits. Our approach goes beyond technicalities to provide a holistic understanding, connecting the dots for you.

Do you want a detailed understanding of your current standing, insights into necessary improvements, and a precise estimation of required investments?
Take the next step and schedule a free consultation meeting with us. During this session, we’ll not only reveal where you stand but also offer valuable guidance on areas that need enhancement and the exact investment required.

Let us provide you with a comprehensive perspective and guide you towards a more optimized and effective online presence.