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SEO audit is usually something you can do with free tools such as MOZ, ahrefs or SEMrush (and a handful of others).
Thing is – all those tools give you a technical report of all the technical issues on your website but none of them can give you what the human eye can;
None of them can tell you if your design delivers good and relevant experience, if your UX and UI are planned well enough and if your converting elements are good enough.
Also – none of those tools won’t analyze grammar or spelling mistakes or a missing author reference for example.

Here at Magal Global we believe in communicating the big picture and provide “the human element” in our audits which will connect the dots for you.

Would you like to understand exactly where you stand, what needs to be improved how much exactly do you need to invest?
Then book a free consultation meeting and we’ll tell you all of that and much more.