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How to crack the marketing secrets of your business?

A business cannot grow without marketing.
Almost every business today does marketing in one way or another.
Sometimes the marketing is passive (for example – word of mouth) and maybe the business owner can’t feel it but he has marketing (to some extent).
It’s true that businesses at the beginning of their journey “struggle” with marketing more, but every business reaches a state of stabilization (or heaven forbid – retreat) and from there it is very difficult to reach a state of growth again.

The word “crack” in the title basically means finding the right way of marketing: who is the audience? What are the right messages? What is the right media? What are the goals?
After answering these questions you can start marketing and expect success.

Who encounters the marketing secrets the most?

  • A new business  – that’s the stage where it’s usually the most difficult to bring in customers and traffic.
  • A business that already has work and fails to grow – such a situation is called stagnation or recession.


So how do you begin to crack the puzzle?

For a new business, one begins with the characterization of the business.
Write the answers to these questions on a sheet of paper:

  • Why was the business established? What problems does it solve or what value does it suppose to give? – From here – the base, goals and DNA of the business are derived.
  • Who needs or wants the service or product of the business? If you can’t answer this question, try to think of one person who would want the service/product – why does he need it? – This is where the audience derived from.
  • That one person who would want the product/service – if he needs it – how will he find it? Where will he look? What is he waiting for with the decision? – This is where the advertising medium comes from.
  • What is special about the service/product? Is there an innovation? Added Value? – This is where the creative comes from.


For a business that already has work and is unable to grow, the only way to find the avenues of growth is to run experiments. A lot of experiments:

  1. Prepare a questionnaire for customers who bought from you: what did they like the most? How is the service? What do they think needs improvement? Will they buy again? Will they recommend? If not then why?
    Collect a few dozen of such questionnaires and analyze them: is there an overlap between the answers? What needs to be improved? What can be leveraged?
  2. A/B testing – refers to an experiment that is done on a website, an app or in a campaign – some website visitors are presented with one version and some with a different experimental version and check which version is performing better.
  3. Paid campaigns – do some short-term experiments in some different media that you haven’t tried before: Tabula, Reddit, YouTube, Bing, Twitter, etc., this is a guerilla experiment designed to locate audiences that are usually missed.
  4. Improving what works – try to add value to what works best. What else can you give? Can you improve the product/service? Can you add a gift? Create some trial packages and see if they result in better profits.

These are only a small part of the experiments that need to be carried out quickly and efficiently in order to grow. Try to answer these questions and contact us with the answers, I will be happy to respond and help you with any questions.

For new businesses – these are just some of the questions we ask during the business analysis phase, after our analysis, we will help you crack your marketing.

And for existing businesses – this area of conducting experiments in order to grow rapidly – is called growth hacking and it is a service that medium and large companies turn to me in order to crack the business puzzle.

Want to hear more? I will be happy to help